The D35 was developed as a response to the ever-increasing costs and extremism in multihull sailing on Lake Geneva. A group of owners, including Ernesto Bertarelli, got together with designer Sebastien Schmidt to bring to life a fast, high-tech, but affordable one-design catamaran. In 2004, the first eight boats were launched, since which the class has gone up to twelve boats built.


When the first D35s were launched in 2004, an annual circuit was created. The Julius Baer Challenge combined the classic Lake Geneva regattas – including the Bol d’Or – with several Grand Prix events exclusive to the D35 class. 

Then called the Vulcain Trophy until 2014, the championship is from 2015 known as the D35 Trophy. As well as the Bol d’Or – the classic end-to-end race on Lake Geneva – it includes the famous Genève-Rolle-Genève, and five to six Grands Prix. With points awarded for each event, competition for first place on the championship podium is often fierce.

Alinghi is proud to have won seven D35 titles, continuing a proud tradition of Lake Geneva sailing.

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The design of the D35 is an evolution of Sebastien Schmidt’s previous work, the 40ft Alinghi catamaran Le Black, with a central pod used to tie the structure together and withstand the stresses from the platform and rig. The structure is light, which – when coupled with a wing mast that can be rotated up to 45 degrees and a maximum of 230m² sailplan – means that the boat can hit top speeds of some 27 knots.

  • Construction: Decision SA
  • Length (Overall): 14.95m
  • Length (Hull): 10.81m
  • Width (Overall): 8.74m
  • Width (Hull): 6.89m
  • Dry Weight: 1,200kg
  • Main Sail Area: 81.6m²
  • Solent Area: 40.7m²
  • Drifter Area: 80m²
  • Gennaker Area: 150m²
  • Top Speed: 27 knots
  • Crew: mini 5 - maxi 7, 470kg (maximum) 

D35 News

Alinghi's D35 wins "at home"

9 September, 2019

The traditions were good: a warm welcome and a flawless organisation by the Club nautique de Crans for the traditional Alinghi Grand Prix, the raclette (eight machines melting the cheese!) shared by all competitors, a teasing wind and rain to announce the arrival of autumn... And the novelties were appreciated: the 'young' series of catamarans, Nacra 15, responded to the invitation to race and the Société nautique de Nyon also strengthened the ranks. At the end of the five validated races, Alinghi confirms its good form in the "Grand Prix" form of the races and took the win ahead of Eleven Sailing Team and Realteam Sailing. Ernesto Bertarelli, helmsman "Very nice weekend despite the few races. We waited a lot on the water, but the races we did sail were very beautiful, especially last night in the Joran, which was fabulous with a nice breeze. And then we sailed well. "A special mention about our start on our last race with a starboard position windward, launched to cover the entire fleet. The level of the sailors is strong on Lake Geneva, the fleet is compact and so it's nice when you get to start like this." Bryan Mettraux, trimmer "The key thing is consistency. Try to do the simple things and do them well. That's what pays on the D35. "Nico was also strong this weekend. Good starts, clean manoeuvres and good speed, all matched with a good tactics is a winning ticket. "Our main opponent in the championship (Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier) could not allow for a single mistake and I think that they focused more on us than on themselves. It's complicated to sail this way. They are super good, they know very well how to race, but here they have missed." Nicolas Charbonnier, tactician "We spent a lot of time on the water waiting for the wind, while trying to stay alert about what was happening or what could happen, so that we would be right in the game when the regattas were launched. We did five rounds, albeit four for us because we had enough of a lead to win before the end (the worst score being removed from four races validated). We really sailed well by being very regular at the starts, which, having executed well, we could easily go to the side of the race course that we wanted. A dream weekend. Even the traditional raclette on Saturday night was fabulous!" In the provisional season rankings, Alinghi increased its lead with six points on the clock. Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier has 12 and Eleven Sailing Team 17. While waiting for the closing Grand Prix of the 2019 D35 Championship (September 20th and 21st at the SNG), the team will head towards Riva del Garda this Monday morning for the fourth stage of the GC32 Racing Tour (regattas from September 12th to 15th). Grand Prix Alinghi de Crans, ranking after five races (the worst score being withdrawn): 1st - Alinghi: 6 points 2nd - Eleven Sailing Team: 10 points 3rd - Realteam Sailing: 12 points Click here for all the results. To find out more #GoAlinghiGo #D35Trophy To find out more about how to follow the racing, the team composition and the circuit in general, find the event recap by clicking here. Photo credits ©Loris Von Siebenthal

A victory as the D35 Trophy resumes

1 September, 2019

After the summer break, the D35 Trophy returns for three end-of-season events throughout September. The Club Nautique de Versoix has just completed its organisation of a 16th Grand 16 years of the D35 Championship! After six races, Alinghi took the win (8pts) ahead of Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier (14pts) and Realteam (15pts). Following were Okalys Youth Project, Cabestan and Eleven Sailing Team, tied for points (twenty-two). Zen Too closed the racing a point behind. As highlighted by Bryan Mettraux in his interviews on social media afterwards, this win marks a faultless record for the team in the Grand Prix format so far, with Alinghi winning three from three in 2019. Nils Frei, mainsail trimmer said: "When you look at the points at the end, it seems that it was comfortable, but that doesn't tell the whole story. The margins of victory were decided at the first crossing of the boats, or at the windward gate. It was tight! "We are happy to have sailed well. It was a nice regatta. We did well to get six races under our belt despite a bad weather forecast. "Since the beginning of this season, my two roles (coach and sailor) have been different, but complementary. For sure, I enjoy the sailing, especially on these boats that we know very well. They are really made for the conditions of the lake." At this stage of the season, Alinghi leads the trophy, three points ahead of Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier and eight of Zen Too. The team continues its racing next weekend with the 6th stage of the D35 circuit on the Crans-Près-Céligny side for the Alinghi Grand Prix, which will also see the youth series of the Nacra 15 catamarans taking place. Grand Prix de Versoix, ranking after six races (the worst score being withdrawn): 1st - Alinghi: 8 points 2nd - Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier: 14 points 3rd - Realteam Sailing: 15 points Click here for all the results. To find out more #GoAlinghiGo #D35Trophy To find out more about how to follow the racing, the team composition and the circuit in general, find the event recap by clicking here. Photo credits ©Loris Von Siebenthal

81st Bol d'Or: dantesque conditions and a 3rd place overall

16 June, 2019

57 knots were displayed on the boat's instruments! Not for the speed of our D35, but for the wind speed that blew during the ferocious storm that rained down during the 81st Bol d'Or. We spare a thought to the competitors who suffered damage to their boats, and also to the rescue teams and volunteers on the ground. While the record for this legendary event remains at 5: 01'50 '' (Triga IV in 1994), the M1 Ladycat powered by Spindrift managed the calm before and after the storm, winning the race in 10 hours, 36 minutes and 21 seconds. Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier were the first D35 and second overall in 10h39'38', the Alinghi D35 completed the podium with a time of 10h42'35. Nicolas Charbonnier, tactician: "This year, I will remember above all the incredible storm that we had to cross. It was a hell of an experience, like nothing I've been through on a boat. We congratulate Spindrift for their victory and we are happy to make the podium." Arnaud Psarofaghis, mainsail trimmer: "What is striking in these great races is that the regattas are even tighter than the Grand Prix. From beginning to end, we fight for every metre, every place. Relative to the length of the course, we finish much closer to each other than at the finish of a Grand Prix round, which is surprising after more than 10 hours of non-stop racing." Nils Frei, coach: "It was super impressive to see the lake transformed with more than 50 knots of wind. Rare conditions, fortunately, by the way. There were boats in stress everywhere and many flares launched. "Ladycat led the race well and deserves the victory, but we are happy to have sailed well overall. The start and first section of the race were very good. Then the wind transitions bunched us up. It was complicated when the Bouveret approached, where it was very quiet and therefore more random. On the way back to Geneva, we negotiated the storm rather well, even though the jib did not come out unscathed. We moved back on the leader who was 50 minutes ahead of us at Bouveret, but that will not have been enough. Achieving the podium on a long race is always satisfying, even if we would prefer to win!" After this fourth stage of the D35 Trophy 2019, Alinghi still leads the Championship, ahead of Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier and Zen Too. For the D35s, a summer break will now take place until the end of August, when they will return for three Grand Prix to end the season. In the meantime, the team is looking forward to seeing you from June 27th to 30th in Lagos (Portugal) for one of its major goals: the GC32 Series World Championship. Click here for all the results of the 81st Bol d'Or Mirabaud. To find out more  // #GoAlinghiGo  //  #D35Trophy  //  #BOM19 To find out more about how to follow the racing, the team composition and the circuit in general, find the event recap by clicking here. Photo credits © BOM2019 / Loris Von Siebenthal, Nicolas Jutzi, Anna Ricca, EP medias

The 55th edition of the Genève-Rolle-Genève: 5th place of the D35s, 6th overall

9 June, 2019

Great blue skies, dropping south-west and wavering Séchard winds served as the setting for this first of lake Léman two classic races in the D35 Trophy. After four hours and nine minutes of racing, Alinghi crossed the finish line in 6th position overall (5th among the D35s) in the 55th Genève-Rolle-Genève. The D35 Zen Too (3h57'), Eleven Sailing Team (4h03'), and the M1 Ladycat powered by Spindrift (4h04') took the podium in this event which is synonymous with a warm-up for the Bol d'Or. Bryan Mettraux, trimmer: "We made a good start in the south-west, which allowed us to be in the hunt by the time we got to near Nyon. Then there was the first transition where we hit the northerly wind in which we rounded the halfway mark at Rolle in 3rd position. "We attacked well on the way back to Geneva, but it was quite special. We went down with the new wind, we got stuck in no pression, until it came back again (as the D35 goes faster than the wind in this light conditions). At one point we had to cross the lake to stay in the pressure, but we didn't cross exactly at the right time. "There is always a sense of success being shared in these races. Zen Too managed to come back through the fleet and crossed at the right moment. It's part of the game and they played it well." With such light conditions in such a long race, would it be wise to wait patiently and then to launch the assault at the right moment ? Nils Frei, trimmer, gives his point of view: "We have a little more cards in hand in general when we are in front, but these are races where anything can happen, with reversals of situation and sometimes the pressure that comes from behind. But it's hard enough to predict! I think we do not want to be a team that sits back and says we will see after. Especially given that there are races that develop from the front and others where it pays to come back from behind." See you next week, June 15th at 10am, wind or not, for the start of the 81st Bol d'Or Mirabaud. Click here for all the results of the Genève-Rolle-Genève. To find out more  // #GoAlinghiGo  //  #D35Trophy  //  #GRG19 To find out more about how to follow the racing, the team composition and the circuit in general, find the event recap by clicking here. Photo credits ©EP medias