Alinghi as a competitive sailing team was created in 1994 by Ernesto Bertarelli. In 2000, the team set itself the goal of winning the America's Cup, which it did twice, in 2003 and 2007, meaning it was the first European team to win the historic prize. The team has many other successes to its name, both from before and after it's America's Cup campaigns, including seven Bol d'Or victories, six D35 trophies and three Extreme Sailing Series championships.


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From March through to December, Alinghi is again participating on two parallel circuits aboard two types of one-design catamarans. Alinghi SUI-1, the D35, will line-up for the D35 Trophy on Lake Geneva, with the goal of winning a seventh title. Alinghi SUI-8, the flying GC32, is on the international circuit of the Extreme Sailing Series and is aiming for a fourth victory. At the end of May, the GC32 fleet meets at Lake Garda for the series' World Championship.

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The Alinghi team prides itself on being made up of top class sailors – meet them here.


A-Z, winning from start to finish in Cascais

8 July, 2018

Rare enough that it deserves to be mentioned...From the first of the 28 races, which was won by Alinghi, right up until the last, the Swiss team held the lead in this fourth Act of the Extreme Sailing Series. With eleven race wins and only six races outside of the top three, the crew were united in their view that the sailing in the waters off Cascais set the bar high. SAP Extreme Sailing Team and INEOS Rebels UK completed the podium.   Arnaud Psarofaghis, helmsman, said: "We are really happy with the way we have approached this event and competed throughout these four days. The whole team did a great job, both on the water and on the ground preparing the boat. The racing conditions were good and there was no disrupting factors that affected our performance. In terms of the season's overall standings, and with three Acts to go, Oman Air loses a bit of ground on us here with its 4th place finish here and we have gained a point on SAP."   Tim Lapauw, trimmer and foil adjuster, is also our (comic, and 1st-placed) actor: In partnership with Sailors for the Sea, the event's organisers challenged the teams by asking them to create a video supporting environmental protection. Guess who's leaving with 1st place?! Click here to view "#Baaad #Goood"   The team looks forwards to seeing you from August 24 to 27 in Cardiff (United Kingdom) for the Act 5 of the 2018 Extreme Sailing Series. Click here for the general ranking of Act 4 after 28 races. Event hashtags #GoAlinghiGo // #Extremesailing To find out more extremesailingseries.com If you want to know more about Alinghi's team or just about this regatta in general, you will find all that you need here. Photos credit: Lloyd Images

A very ‘lemanique’ 80th Bol d’Or

10 June, 2018

Just before the start, some had predicted a possible arrival of around midnight. And as it transpired it was just minutes after that, that four D35s were to be found at an almost equal position between the 'entry mark' and the finish line in front of the SNG...but without any wind! Time passes until...it is finally Mobimo who pocket the 80th Bol d'Or Mirabaud, which was launched at 10am Saturday morning for 543 competitors. They finished ahead of Okalys Youth Project, Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier, and Alinghi in 4th. After being at the forefront for a long time, even the 137 cumulative entries of Alinghi's crew in the Bol d'Or over the years were not enough to make the final difference (25th for Ernesto, 38th for Pierre-Yves, 17th for Arnaud, 7th for Nicolas, 20th for Nils et 30th for Yves). After 14 hours of racing, the victory came down to just the last few metres. But, in the opinion of all, even the winner, luck plays as well its part in these type of races, especially with very light wind conditions. The team is obviously a little disappointed after crossing the line". Nils Frei, headsail trimmer said: "It was a super- classic Bol d'Or, with some séchard and rebat breezes, the transitions between, the lulls...but you also need a bit of luck, otherwise you can't win. We sailed a good race, but it ended like a true Bol". Nicolas Charbonnier, tactician: "It's more fun when there is a strong wind and it ends at 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon, but it was a beautiful regatta. We had a very classic Bol with well-known Lake Geneva conditions and a mixed classification just before the finish line. There are years when the start is very important. Boats escape and we do not see them anymore. This year, the boats have come back from the Bouveret. To stay focused on the long-term? It's not a problem, I do not look at my watch. We were so caught up in the race that we didn't notice time pass!" Pierre-Yves Jorand, team manager and floater for this race said: "It was a race where there was lots of overtaking, lots of changes of the leaders, and so it was necessary to refocus often. Like when you're sailing in a Grand Prix actually. It was necessary to look for the right trajectories, the favourable positions, to know how to change our sailing modes. The return to Geneva was not easy. It was building a little behind, and at the entrance to the petit lac there were not many wind signals left. Mobimo pulled-off an incredible comeback and took the lead at the entry mark, few meters away from the finish. We believed until the end, but just missed out on a last pressure to cross the finish line ahead of our rivals." The team will see you in Barcelona this Thursday, June 14 for the next Act of the Extreme Sailing Series in the foiling GC32s. Click here for all the rankings of the Bol d'Or Mirabaud 2018. To find out more d35trophy.com //  boldormirabaud.ch Event hashtags #GoAlinghiGo // #D35Trophy // #BOM18 To find out more about the race tracking system, the team composition and the circuit in general, find the event recap by clicking here. Photo credits ©Toast Prod & Alinghi

Versoix D35 GP: Consistency rules the day, Alinghi wins

3 June, 2018

If you were to be told that 3 x 2 = 1, would you believe it? In pure maths, maybe not. But in sailing, it's possible! By clocking three second-place finishes today, Alinghi won the Grand Prix de Versoix ahead of Racing Django and Swisscom (for those interested, we also placed 4th, but from the four races validated, the worst score is discounted...click here for the ranking). Following the victory in the Genève-Rolle-Genève yesterday, Alinghi has therefore scored twice this weekend and added only two points in the overall standings of the D35 season. Mid-championship, the team leads the D35 Trophy by four points, ahead of Zen Too (16 points) and Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier (18 points) – click here for the full ranking. Pierre-Yves Jorand: "With no wind on Friday, this Grand Prix was sailed on one day, with four races today. The wind was unusual, and gave rise to a lot of overtaking. It was necessary to keep the head out of the boat and choose the right options. The left side, which was right upwind, was not necessarily the one going downwind. We've won the Grand Prix by only one point ahead of Racing Django and two on Swisscom. It was very tight, but we were the most consistent. This weekend sees the end to a busy period, what with GC32 worlds, travel and training. We'll now have three days of rest before the preparation for the Bol d'Or." João Cabeçadas, shore crew/rigger, said: "We made good starts and we were, practically, all the time on the right side around the marks, with good maneuvers. We controlled our opponents, when it was the right time to do so. From the outside it looks easy, like when you look at a young person who skates in a skate park. But there is a lot of work behind this apparent ease." The team looks forward to welcoming you on Saturday, June 9, from 10am for the starting gun of the 80th Bol d'Or Mirabaud. To find out more d35trophy.com Event hashtags #GoAlinghiGo // # D35Trophy To find out more about the race tracking system, the team composition and the circuit in general, find the event recap by clicking here. Photo credits ©Loris Von Siebenthal