The double in the two GC32 events

1 August, 2021

Back in Lagos, the same six teams, the same Portuguese wind-blue sky combo and, in the end, Alinghi wins.
The same script for the Lagos Cup #2 as it was for #1?

Nicolas Charbonnier, tactician:
" Yes and no! The podium is different, we had a lot more wind during this second round, fewer races were able to be launched, and the victory was played out up to the last margins.
"The level of the fleet has risen rapidly since we raced last month. We expected it and it was confirmed. Between that and today's more irregular wind in terms of strength and direction, we had to adapt our way of racing. I was more conservative on the tactical choices to take fewer risks. It pays less overall, but at the end of the day, it's the end result that matters to us above all."

Preference for a victory with a leg to spare (Lagos #1) or one that goes to the wire (Lagos #2)?
"I like to win before the end because it means that we sailed very well and widened the gap enough not to make the last race(s). On the other hand, when we fight to the end, it's because the level of the fleet goes up, and that's exactly what we're looking for: racing against the best opponents to improve our level."

Arnaud Psarofaghis, co-skipper:
"The gaps were tighter in this event because we didn't race as well as last month. We only won three out of 13 races and we made mistakes. Black Star sailed very well today, but, as with any competition, you have to be as consistent as possible to be at the top of the table.
"I prefer to win an event when we race to the end. It's less comfortable on board, but it helps us progress in other areas of the sport."

Flashback to the last race
There was a change of pace for the fourth and last day of this event: the wind became more irregular in strength and direction, playing the spoilsport, but spicing up the racing, meaning Black Star could still win the event in the final race. Between the two boats a "very close marking" begins immediately, leaving room for Alinghi's opponents to express themselves at their best in the water.
The Swiss rookies of Swiss Foiling Academy also sign their very first victory on the circuit. Hopp Schwiiz!
As for our two direct rivals in the overall standings, given that no other competitor interfered with the placings in this thirteenth regatta, Alinghi, who had started the last race with a three-point advantage, took the overall victory.

Black Star takes second place overall, providing Switzerland with the double on its national holiday. Zoulou, led by the owner driver Erik Maris, finished third, beating Red Bull and Rockwool at the post by recording a good last day.

In August, the team will train on the TF35 on Lake Geneva, after which the boat will be dismantled and installed in its container to travel to Scarlino (Italy) for the very first sea regatta of the TF35 Trophy (from 9 to 12 September).

General classification after 13 legs – GC32 Lagos Cup #2
1st - Alinghi: 30 points
2nd - Black Star Sailing Team: 32 points
3rd - Zoulou: 46 points
4th - Red Bull Sailing Team: 46 points
5th - Team Rockwool racing: 48 points
6th - Swiss Foiling Academy: 71 points

Extract from the provisional general classification of the GC32 Racing Tour after two events
1st - Alinghi: 2 points
2nd - Black Star Sailing Team: 6 points
3rd - Red Bull Sailing Team: 6 points

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Options to review the racing modeled in 2D thanks to the gps tracker placed on each boat from the first to the fourth days of competition: Tractrac website, or via these free apps (click here for an Iphone, or here for an Android).

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