OPEN OF CRANS, Act 2 of Vulcain Trophy – 5th place for Alinghi in the absence of Ernesto Bertarelli

26 May, 2014

With 6 races sailed on the first day of the week end, Alinghi’s D35, helmed for the occasion by Luc Dubois in the absence of Ernesto Bertarelli, was in 5th place but within touching distance of a  fight for the podium on Saturday night. But the wind decided not to show up on Sunday, which forced the Race committee to cancel racing for the day. Great job by the two young teams of the circuit, Tilt and Realteam who were in first and second places respectively– proof that their hard work during the first month of the year is paying off and that the level has definitely increased on the D35 circuit. Congratulations to LadyCat powered by Spindrift racing who took third place of this Second Act of the Vulcain Trophy, with which – at this stage of the season – they also take first place overall. We can bet that the competition will be fierce on  the first week end of June (7th), at the occasion of the classic Geneva-Rolle-Geneva Race and that every team will use all their tactical tricks to try to win the prologue of the Bol d’Or. A busy week-end ahead for the Teams as they will be racing the first Grand Prix de Versoix on June 8-9, making this pre-Bol d’Or weekend count for double. Ranking of the Open de Crans Tilt Realstone sailing Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing Zen Too Alinghi Mobimo Veltigroup Oryx Okalys Racing Django Ylliam - Comptoir immobilier Provisional Overall ranking of the Vulcain Trophy Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing Tilt Alinghi Realstone sailing Mobimo Zen Too Veltigroup Okalys Oryx Racing Django Ylliam – Comptoir immobilier