A disappointing 4th place

23 July, 2017

After 22 races in three days, Alinghi leaves Barcelona with a 4th place finish, now sharing the top of the Championship standings with SAP Extreme Sailing Team, (who finished third in this Act), with both teams on 43 points. After their victory today, Oman Air is back in contention, lying in the ambush position just one point behind the leaders. Red Bull Sailing Team, 2nd in this event, is in 4th overall with 37 points.

Pierre-Yves Jorand, Team leader, said:

"The guys sailed well. We were able to execute what we had talked about following yesterday's performance, namely to sail our way, in clear air, even if we are not on the "right" side of the course. It worked for us apart from the last race of the day where the wind shifted by a good 30 degrees to the left – we were then on the right-side of the course. In such a situation, good speed and good manoeuvres can't be enough to make-up the loss we experienced from the way the wind shifted."

Tim Lapauw, trimmer:

"We had a better day than yesterday, that's what counts. Before the last race, which is a double-pointer, we had some really nice starts, beautiful manoeuvres and had great speed. Before that last race we were back on the podium."

Yves Detrey, bowman:

"We're a little disappointed with this regatta. We probably made mistakes. But we also have the impression that nothing was happening for us. We tried to correct our starts, but when it's not going for you, it's not. We hope we've had our fair share of this kind of luck for the season and that things will be better for the next regatta in Hamburg. Whatever the case, things will be played out over the course of the remaining Acts and we must not take it for granted that anything is written in the stars. It is up to us to take control."

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We will be meeting in Hamburg from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th of August for Act 5 of the Extreme Sailing Series.

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