Waiting for the wind...

27 August, 2017

While waiting for the wind, we can:

  • Go over the last few days and look at our performance
  • Continue to prepare and improve the fine tuning the boat
  • Hope for the wind to build up
  • Respond to journalists' questions
  • Take a nap - sorry, refocus by closing our eyes
  • Continue to hope that the wind will build up
  • Run exhibition races to entertain thousands of spectators on Cardiff Bay
  • Turn to liquid in a neoprene suit
  • Hand over the tiller to the 6th man (the guest aboard the boat during a race)
  • And welcome, which comes as something of a blessing, the race committee's permission to return to dock because of the lack of wind in which there is simply no possibility of racing.

And so, finally and in conclusion, teams actually do almost as much on a day like today as they would do on a day full of races, excepting, of course, the fact that the scoreboard does not vary by one iota at the end of the day!

So now we cross our fingers, hoping to be able to return to racing tomorrow at 2pm (local time) for the final day of this Act 6, which you can also follow live (live video and 3D graphics) by clicking here.

Click here for the unchanged overall standings after 8 races.

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If you want to know more about how to follow the racing, about Alinghi's team, or just about this regatta in general, you will find all that you need by following this link.

Photos credit ©Lloyd Images